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·         National Outstanding Youth Foundation Award (NSFC), 2013

·         Nominator of the Nobel Prize in Physics for 2012 (Invited by the Nobel Committee), 2012

·         2012 IEEE Sensors Journal Best Paper Award, Oct., 2012

·         Distinguished Professor of Zhejiang Province, 2010;

·         Outstanding Youth Fund of Zhejiang Province, 2011;

·         Research Award of Zhejiang Province of China, 1st Prize, 2012;

·         Research Award of Natural Science, Ministry of Education of China, 2nd Prize, 2011;

·         Award of Natural Science Research of Zhejiang, 2nd Prize, 2010;

·         Program for New Century Excellent Talents in University, Ministry of Education of China, 2007;

·         Research Award of Fok-Ying-Tung Education Foundation, Ministry of Education of China, 2006;

·         Research Fellowship of Alexander von Humboldt, Germany, 2006-2007;

·         Best Paper finalist on 2006 IEEE International Conference on Mechatronics and Automation (ICMA), June, 2006.

·         2nd Prize of the 14th Excellent Research Papers in Natural Science of Zhejiang Province, 2007.10. (Two papers received the award.)

·         1st Prize of the 12th Celebration for Hangzhou Best Research Papers, by Hangzhou Government, 2006.11.

·         Paper Award for one of the 10 best papers in the 10th anniversary celebration of the College of Information Engineering of ZUT, 2006.11

·         2005 Outstanding Research Contributor, College of Information Engineering, Zhejiang University of Technology, March 2006;

·         Honour of 2004/2005 Outstanding Post-Doctor Award of Zhejiang Province, Dec. 24, 2005;

·         Honour of 2005 Young Meritocrat Award of Zhejiang Province, Nov. 28, 2005;

·         Young Academic Leader of Zhejiang University of Technology (2004-);

·         Scholarship for Overseas Postdoc Study, China Scholarship Council, Oct. 2005;

·         1st Prize, the 2004 JianLong Research Award of Zhejiang University of Technology, Dec. 2004;

·         2004 Outstanding Research Contributor, College of Information Engineering, Zhejiang University of Technology, March 2005;

·         Finalist candidate for 2004 Young Scientist Award, Hong Kong Institute of Science, October 2004 (one of four runners-up); www.science.org.hk/YSAUpdates.pdf

·         1st Prize in 2003 IEEE Region 10 Student Paper Competition, (international) October 2003;


·         Third Prize of 2002 IEEE Hong Kong Student Best Paper Award, HK, September 2002;


·         Honour of Excellent Graduate of Zhejiang Province, 1999;

·         Best BSc Thesis, Zhejiang University of Technology (ZUT), 1996

·         Zhejiang University of Technology Scholarships: 1993, 1994, 1995;

·         The second prize in Software and Programming Contest of ZUT, 1995;

·         Science and Technology Advancement Award of Zhejiang Province, 1996;

·         The 17th place in 22nd ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (in Asia Region), 1997; http://acm.shu.edu.cn/Pastyears/1997/teaminfo.html

·         Encouragement award in the National Collegiate Science & Technology Contest of China, (national) 1997, http://www.gqsw.net/file/view/98/5522.html

·         The third prize in the Science & Technology Collegiate Contest of Zhejiang Province, 1997.

·         The First Qibao Scholarship (the most prestigious scholarship at ZUT), 1997.

·         Second prize in the Science and Technology Contest for Extracurricular Activity, ZUT, 1998.

·         Second prize in second Central China Conference of Science and Technology Transfer, (national) 1998.

·         Award of Advanced Science and Technology, as the third author for completing the province-funded research project "Intelligent CAD Systems for Modularized Scheme Design of Machining Centre", by Education Committee of Zhejiang Province, 1997.


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